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Embracing my thing

In the spring, the reality of not having any hair started to really concern me because the summer months were fast approaching. I had all kinds of cute caps to hide my baldness during the cooler months, but when spring burst onto the scene I knew summer wouldn't be far behind. What would I do when it was 80 plus degrees outside? How could I deal with the hellish hot flashes that would soon be intensified by the prickly, moist, Georgia summer heat? Furthermore, did I really have the nerve to leave my house with my bald head bared for the world to see? My husband gifted me with Gregory Porter tickets, as well as, tickets to Jazz at the High Museum on Mother's Day. Just so happened that both events took place on the same weekend. I decided then that this was going to be my time to step out into the world as a bald woman. That's right it was going to be an all out, bald on bald, weekend starring yours truly, Me! I sat at my make-up table with a glass of red wine praying for the strength and nerve to continue getting ready and not feign a headache. No, a killer migraine! As I continued getting ready I felt butterflies coming to life in me, the kind you get right before you perform. My nervousness was shifting to an excited feeling, because I knew that I was going to go through with this "outing". Guess what? The building didn't implode when I walked in and no one stared or whispered, that I could hear, Lol! The further we walked into the event the less nervous I became, until I forgot about my head and started enjoying the beautiful art and live music. There were smatterings of compliments throughout the evening, some probably thought that I was a cancer survivor and that's okay too. I felt so bold, strong and unapologetic. I think you can be afraid to climb a mountain because it looks really high, but if you just keep on walking, you might find out that the scary mountain was really just a big hill all along!

All ready for my big night out!

So this was my very first tattoo it was little on the modest side. Also my head was so pale.

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