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So this just happened...

This summer I interviewed for job with my head fully adorned with colorful tattoos! I knew I could do the job, but I'm going to be honest, my bald head did give me pause as I thought about sitting before an interview panel with tattoos plastered all over. Would they take me serious? Did I look foolish or incapable? I'd worked 20 plus years in library services and 10 years as a library manager, so I knew I was qualified. The question was would these individuals look past my appearance and just consider my lengthy resume and impeccable references? As the interview ensued and I began talking about myself and answering questions, I began to forget about my head and going after that job! In the end I was the one who brought my colorful adornment to their attention by playfully apologizing about not having on fresh tattoos for the occasion. One by one they each leaned in closer to their camera's to get better looks. (Oh yeah it was a virtual interview due to COVID) They were just like so cool about it. In the end I got the job because I was qualified! Don't be afraid to be your authentic self. Have faith in yourself and remember that Fear and Faith cannot COEXIST!


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