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There's Hope

I was reading an article in Medical News Today about Alopecia Universalis. It listed some "fast facts" about the disorder and the one that stuck (screamed) out to me was: Alopecia Universalis does not permanently damage the hair follicles.

What's not permanently damaged can be restored. Well now, all is not lost. There is going to be restoration in 2020. I am going to explore what is it that makes my immune system go haywire. Why does my immune system attack my hair follicles? My restoration journey will begin with studying the things that I can control, such as, diet, meditation, and exercise. I am considering doing a fast, perhaps the Master Cleanse to clean out and flush my system of toxins. Then slowly introduce fresh fruits and veggies back in. BUT..... I am going to investigate and try to identify those foods that are more beneficial for my immune system. I am going to research and learn about gut health. Remember, what's not dead can be restored!

Peace see you in 2020!


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